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Sunday, January 18, 2004
Chinese Tea Topics

 Chinese Tea Topics
Chinese Tea
and Culture part I
Chinese Tea and Culture part II
The Development of Chinese Tea Culture
Chinese Tea Sales in 2000 part 1
Chinese Tea Sales in 2000 part 2
Chinese Tea & Skin Cancer

Chinese Tea 
1), Chinese loose leave tea and Chinese tea accessories - Chinese Tea
2) Hands-on experience Chinese Tea 101,how to brew Chinese tea
3) Chinese tea basic knowledge - Chinese tea net
4) Shop from a collection of Yixing teapots - the best brewing tool for Chinese tea
5) Basic knowledge of Yixing teapots
6) Quick data on Chinese tea
7)CNNarticle on Chinese tea

Posted at 07:05 pm by Chinesetea

Chinese Tea and Culture part I

    China is the tea's home town, and have made Chinese Tea take tea for how many thousand years.Medicine 疗 for tea 荟萃 , main species containing green tea, black Chinese Tea, oolong tea, flower tea, white tea, yellow tea. tea having do exercise to keep fitting the 治疾 the 效 is again the 富 enjoy the interesting aspect can shape the thoughts and feelings. sample Chinese Tea's flavor to entertain guest is a Chinese and elegant amusement with the social intercourse activity. sit teahouse, tea words would then Chinese and social sex community tea 艺 activity. the Chinese Tea 艺 possess the great reputation in the world. in Tang Dynasty stream into the Japanese tea way in Japan, formation. West Lake longjing: This Chinese Tea is flat and even and smooth for green tea of Chinese 著 , amateur, likeness bowl 钉 , have the beautiful green 色 , fragrant 郁 , flavor 醇 , line four extremely good the 茗 's 誉 .

Posted at 06:59 pm by Chinesetea